Monday, 2 November 2009


I had an interesting threesome while I was away in the north recently; one which set me thinking…..
Two men and one woman – in theory, it’s an unequal and ultra-feminine position to be in, isn’t it? Outnumbered, reduced to the role of slut, threesomes seem to position the woman as powerless and submissive to an overwhelming and dominant masculinity. (Which does not mean it isn’t fun, to be in that position, for those so-inclined).
But nor is it invariably true……

The woman was fantastic: sorted, cute, sexy, sassy, dirty, funny, bright and sociable. I felt I clicked with her and really liked her. Her bloke was ten years older: a nice chap and perfectly amenable; but not sexy, not funny, not really fit - and definitely not bright. So although he was easy-going and affable enough, it was in no way obvious what she saw in him. Other, that is, than the fact that he was inoffensive, presumably keen on her – and indulged her hobby of enjoying extra cock. And yet, didn’t the need for the extra cock come from the fact that he was low on manly qualities in the first place……?

Yeah, yeah – but what did you get up to? I hear you ask, impatiently. Well you invariably try to get from her – and if necessary second-guess - what the woman most wants from that scenario, don’t you? - what things she might enjoy which only two men could give her. (Unless she's dead clear, that is; perhaps with a long-cherished fantasy she wants enacted.) She's the centre of attention: in a sense, it's her party. I find that most women like being licked while sucking cock. What’s not to like? Although 69 offers it, it’s not exactly something they can get from one person. They ALL like a cock at each end – I don’t want to be too prescriptive; but no one is up for a threesome if they don’t want a spit-roasting, surely? And some women also like double penetration, or sucking two cocks at once, or being alternately fucked.

We both licked her. He licked her while she sucked my cock – and she liked this - really a lot. I loved seeing her moving her hips, moving her cunt across his mouth, while filling her own mouth enthusiastically with cock. Then I got her onto all fours for a spit-roasting: I fucked her, from behind, touching her at the same time, while she sucked his cock (and she really liked this, too). We took turns fucking her – and she clearly liked being fucked in front of her fella (what girl doesn’t? – as long as it’s not the first time, when she might be anxious about his reaction). And so we went on: she came. I came. I watched them fuck, he came over her, I fucked her again. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Here’s the thing, though: her partner had an ugly cock. It wasn’t very big, it wasn’t very thick – and that’s fair enough – but it was also the ugliest I’ve seen. It looked normal enough flaccid, but erect, it was sort of bent downwards from the beginning of the glans in an odd way, like the nose of Concord used to be for landing, or a flamingo's bill. On top of this, he really really wasn’t putting any oomph behind it, because he had no muscles to speak of and was quite slight in stature. This wasn’t ideal: he wasn’t well-matched to me, so that she could act the slut with two dominating men, and it wasn’t as visually pleasing for me as it might have been; because she was very attractive: slim, with a cute, cheeky face, long fair hair, perfect stomach and gorgeous little bum.

But what I realised from the demeanour and the dynamics between them was that she was the alpha of this pair; or, in old-fashioned parlance, that she wore the trousers. And while I say I clicked with the woman, what I actually mean, is that we respected one another, as two equals; respected each other as two sexual beings, looking for similar routes to fun. While her fella, on the other hand; he was like the girl in the threesome. No surprise in some ways, then, that he was fully bi (an opportunity I didn’t indulge in, fyi; because, quite apart from that cock, he simply wasn’t attractive enough).

The funniest thing was that when she spoke to him, when she was being encouraging, getting him to come (which, in a MMF threesome, ought if possible to be on the woman, so the other man can fully enjoy it, rather than in the woman), she’d say: “yes, yes - good boy!” She didn’t say this to me, though: because I’m no one’s boy, of course; but also because she didn’t need to, didn’t need to worry about making it happen for me. On the contrary, I was looking after it; concentrating on her coming, on both of us coming. Instead, I found myself saying to her: “do this for me/ do that…..yes, yes – that’s it – good girl!”

So she was a good girl, while she was with me; but with him, he was the good boy. And it was clear that she was usually in charge – I mean, in the bedroom, too – finding it unfamiliar – and perhaps, at first, disconcerting - to be told what to do. But she clearly started to enjoy it, after a while - she liked the things I was doing for her – and she loved the things I was making her do. Most hotel mirrors are screwed to the wall – and most hotels don’t understand that it needs to face the bed! But in this case, I was lucky and it was hung like a picture, on wire. So I’d taken it down and arranged it length-wise on a chair opposite the bed. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t done this for her before, but she responded to this fixture with surprise and delight.
“Oh God, I am a bad girl….” she remarked; almost to herself, as she surveyed her reflection, arse-up, on all fours, taking cock: “….I am…oh um…such a dirty girl.”
And whether on her own, posing during pauses in the action, being serviced by one or other of us; or whether she was taking both cocks at once, she could not take her eyes of her own image doing these things.

She liked me encouraging her to touch herself. When I fucked her – either with her legs up on my chest, or on her knees - her hand snaked between her legs instinctively, bringing herself closer. Most of all, she liked being fucked from behind – and I mean really fucked. She was only about a 6 and not very tall and doggy style can be pretty deep: both my regular partners don’t always want it all in that position, or they want it all, but not hard, and definitely not at first. She wanted it, she took it, she was loving it and she couldn’t get enough. In fct, she seemed to adore taking it like that, bending her legs to stick her tush out for it and bucking back rhythmically with her arse against my groin, which given its firmness and shapeliness, felt unbelievable; all the while exhorting me to give her more and watching the action in the mirror opposite the bed.

I don’t flatter myself for a moment that I was doing this any more effectively than the next man might; but I do know, for sure, that I was doing it with a significantly larger and more attractive cock than her partner’s, powered by a well-toned core. And she not only loved this: she liked every aspect of me taking the lead and obliging her to be responsive to that cock: she liked being told what to do, she liked being flattered and admired and complimented and called a good girl, she liked acting the slut in front of the mirror, and she liked taking a big cock in front of her partner.

So – given how cute and bright and fit and confident she is, why didn’t she hook up with a more….let’s say, capable, or powerful, or successful, or attractive partner? The only answer can be that she wants things the way they are: less of a man works for her. She not only happens to be the alpha of this pair; she needs to wear the trousers in any relationship. Now you could argue that there’s something missing: a need for a more effective masculinity, which she gets from the occasional threesome; without even having to cheat. In other words: she wants to wear the trousers, except in bed. Well, not quite, I suspect. Seeking out a seeing-to from other males in front of him neatly serves two purposes at once: reinforcing her dominant position in their relationship – and, yes, satisfying any hunger for more man at the same time. But far from having to submit herself to a more unassertive role, as a long-term relationship with someone more traditionally ‘masculine’ might require, these casual arrangements leave her in a position of power vis a vis these other, more potent, men she sees in 3somes. Firstly, she retains the power of choice. She selects them, but she does not need any particular one of them. Then, during the encounter, she is always under the nominal ‘protection’ of her partner. Thus she is free to play, on her terms, in “no man’s land” - the space between the two men’s restricted power (her partner’s masculinity compromised by the stranger, the stranger’s alternative authority limited by her partner). Finally, as if to emphasise and embody this usurpation of the phallic, (again playfully), she dresses-up in a powerful way, like a maitresse; her body protected by basque and gloves, elevated to our height by heels…….